Attack on Titan is Uniting The Characters Which is A Boon For Its Coming Episodes

Review of Attack On Titan Final Season [Episode 11].

Warning : The post contains 'major' spoilers from Attack On Titan which is currently streaming on crunchyroll.

In the recent episode of Attack on Titan i.e. Episode 11, almost every character is shown and development for every character like Eren, Jean is magnificent, which will boost Attack on Titan even more.

Zeke has a vital role in upcoming episodes

It is natural that Zeke will play a vital role in upcoming episodes because of his plan. Due to Gabi's ignorant action of going into enemy's airship led to Marleyans to rush forward and attack Paradis Island again. Sasha's death has effected everyone's mental health and is also creating a grudge against Eren. Kaya, who is a part of a small orphanage, assisted Gabi and Falco when they both broke free from prison cell. And all the incidents started connecting when all three of them commenced their thinking on Marleyans and sins of Eldians.

Marleyans are almost terminated after getting ambushed by Eren Yeager as well as running into many traitors in their own territory has mislayed them. The betrayal from Zeke has produced vengeance into Reiner's mind where he made a decision to attack Paradis island where he will rescue Gabi and Falco as their escort.

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The crucial point of war is resentment against each other

After the ambush on Marleyans by Eldians from Paradis island, Attack on Titan is becoming darker full of hatred, betrayals and vengeance. Eldians too betrayed Yelena who was a part Anti-Marleyan Volunteer. Who is the real demon in Attack on Titan?

The actual conclusion or results from the rumbling on Marleyans will be manifested in upcoming episodes. Will Gabi and Falco get to the thoughts of Kaya's thinking?