Eren Yeager From Freedom To Liability

Warning : The post contains 'major' spoilers from Attack On Titan which is currently streaming on crunchyroll.

Attack On Titan has top notched it's rating with the help of it's amazing kick off and cliffhanger of recent season i.e. Season 3. Eren questioned himself if there is freedom or enemies beyond the sea.

Eren Yeager's changing behavior

Eren has always been waspish due to his angry behavior. He was also imprisoned in Season 3 for misbehaving and during final season, he has completely changed his view of seeing enemy. The rage filled in his body is coming out in the form of mad enrage. Eren tried to save Historia when she was ready to inherit beast titan. 

Now Eren could have win over the situation if he talked with a calm mind. However, Historia choose a partner, which was the real twist for the series. Historia can choose any partner she wants and she chooses one who used to bully her by throwing stones at her when they were children. The reason is still not clear but it maybe due to the solitudeness that she choose such partner.

Eren talking himself to his own reflection

Everyone started showing their grudge against eren, and the biggest question was who will inherit The Founding Titan. Eren refused that no one will inherit his Titan among his friends. Armin decided to pass on his commander position to Hange. Eren talking to himself that he should Fight more and more because that is the only way to survive has changed his perception of seeing others and enemies.

Eren thinks that fighting is the only way to solve the problem. So he has been imprisoned again which will led to grow his anger more and more. Due to Sasha's death, everyone is claiming that Eren is responsible for this incident.