Kemono Jihen is Keeping Up With Its Moral Values

Review of Kemono Jihen - Kemono Jihen is stirring around unrequited love or friendzone which shows its Shounen indication. Kemono Jihen comes under Shounen and Youkai (Spirits and Monsters) which intimate that it will also have a little bit of comedy.

Kemono Jihen is a Shounen anime with a crisp of Youkai (Spirits and Monsters)

Kohachi Inugami is sent to investigate corpses of animals in a village where those corpses were unforeseen by villagers.  Later, Inugami encounters with a strange boy who is actually the cause of corpses of animals. He becomes aware that the boy is not a human and decides to adopt the boy.

The horror aura of Kemono Jihen goes away when Inugami starts implementing missions on the strange boy i.e. Kabane with two of the boys that is Shiki and Akira to whom Inugami adopted before Kabane. Both of the boys have undisclosed backstories, but the upbringing of Shiki is being revealed in ongoing episodes.

Kemono Jihen is laying out its lessons through friendship

Kabane know that his mysterious locket is keeping his thirst complete from changing him to a monster or ghoul which was given to him by his parents. Shiki, who was adopted by Inugami has grudge on Kabane, which he later took off when he understood that Kabane don't have parents like him. The main character Kabane doesn't have any emotions by which he can fit into any place and can accept any type of person.

The main three protagonist are connected with each other by a very strong bond of amity. But there were many cases for investigation, where they have to fight together to defeat the enemy. Kemono Jihen is revealing many secrets and incidents from past, which are related to three main protagonist.