True Ideology Behind Gojo Satoru's Domain 'Infinite Void'

Warning : The post contains spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen which is streaming on crunchyroll.

Jujutsu Kaisen has ruled over Winter 2021 when it started it's Tournament Arc where team fight is the main motive. Till episode of 18th, the fight is still going on, and senior staff sorcerer's are spectating the match. But before that, Jogo inquired Suguru Getou if he can defeat Gojo Satoru, after knowing that Jogo is as strong as Sakuna's nine fingers, it was a hype if Jogo can really defeat Gojo. But, unfortunately Jogo was badly beaten by Gojo but was rescued by Hanami.

Infinite Void was overwhelmed on Jogo

When Gojo defeated Jogo, it was proved that Gojo Sensei is more powerful than 9 fingers of Sakuna. Meanwhile, Itadori Yuji was getting tutelaged under Gojo Satoru. Jogo notions, that he would defeat Gojo but instead he got beaten and Gojo bought Itadori into battlefield to show his hidden weapon or domain. Jogo used his domain, but Infinite Void was established over Jogo's domain, which shooked him out.

Philosophy of Gojo Satoru's Domain

Gojo is a protagonist, but from deep inside it looks like he has completely sinked into the darkness. Jogo established his domain and was having no idea about Gojo's domain. But suddenly, a big black travelling sphere or a eternity made by black lines was dashed towards him. Gojo showed his true powers that is limitless, where the opponent can hear, see and feel but cannot move from its place. Everything is beyond boundaries, that is infinite.

The moment he removed his blindfold, it was fixed that Jogo will be terminated at any cost. The concept where no one can touch Gojo is astounding. According to theory, when a person falls into a black hole, that particular person is not attached to time or that person gets completely attached to time. However, the blue eyes of Gojo Satoru shows that it will be the end of opponent even if the opponent is overpowered.