Attack On Titan: Eren and Yelena Played Straight Into The Hands of Marleyans

Review of Attack On Titan Final Season [Episode 16].

Warning : The post contains 'major' spoilers from Attack On Titan which is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Did Zeke died at the start of the episode? How did Pieck invaded Paradis Island? Last episode of Attack On Titan Final Season left many unanswered questions behind.

Yelena is too overconfident about the plan

As spinal fluid was wafted into military members, Yelena used this opportunity and forced Commander Pixies to comply according to her. The way how Marley distinguish people between Marleyans and Eldians, similarly, Yelena made classifications between military with the help of armbands by three colours which are red, white and black. Yelena sees Zeke as a God who will help to carry out the plan successfully.

To stop the Subjects of Ymir being born is the plan, and to end the cycle of suffering or euthanize, in a peaceful way. Armin find this plan quiet heart-touching even though the noble cause is not precise. But, Historia is already blessed with a child which indicates that the Royal blood will inherit.

The rumble will considerably demolish the whole Shiganshina district

Zeke was on the grimes of death after the incident with Levi. A titan crawled over next to him and tore the stomach to preserve or store Zeke's dissected body. The spinal fluid ability of Zeke is still a mystery which no one knows how he managed to make it. Former Beast Titan, Tom Ksaver can be the man behind Zeke's Spinal Fluid, but it is still not revealed.

On the other side, Pieck invaded into Paradis island, however it was not easy for Eren to trust Pieck which led him to handcuff her to Gabi. Eren and Pieck went to the roof where Pieck guaranteed that she would point the other invaders. But instead, Galliard from behind the roof tilted his head up and stretched his body as fast as he can to jump grab the Founding Titan. Eren somehow escaped the ambush by sacrificing his legs and saw that the other invader are already here in Shiganshina district.

The rumbling between Marleyans and Eldians will take place again, partially this time it is on Paradis island. There will be a wave of shudder in Shiganshina District upheavaled by Reiner. Can Eren single-handedly take down the invaders?

Considerable disclosures will be shown in part two of Attack On Titan Final Season which is scheduled for March 2022.