Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager's Rage is Trying To Take Over The Island

Review of Attack on Titan Final Season [Episode 13].

Warning : The post contains 'major' spoilers from Attack On Titan which is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Below is the review of Attack on Titan [Episode 13]. Zeke's spinal fluid plan was astonishing for Levi Ackerman, who is in a belief that the monster (Eren Yeager) for whom they fought tooth and nail is turning into an actual monster.

Mr. Braus is invited for lunch where he took his whole family with Gabi and Falco to the restaurant where Nicolo works as a chef. While entering the main dining room, Kaya tells Gabi and Falco that according to her "Nicolo and Sasha were in love with each other", but it was never revealed if they were really in love with each other. As Kaya sees Gabi and Falco as her friends even though they are Marleyans, she tells both of them that Nicolo is a Marleyan who can help them to get off from Paradis island. Falco starts fake bawling from stomach ache and they both somehow get to Nicolo to negotiate in a secluded basement.

After seeing Nicolo in the basement, Gabi starts telling about how many soldiers she murdered before coming to Nicolo's place. While negotiating, Nicolo asked that did she killed someone on the airship, after which Gabi acquired about it. After realizing that Gabi killed Sasha, Nicolo lost his control and took a bottle of wine nearby and try to smash it on Gabi's head, but Falco meddled to save Gabi and got hit instead.

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Sasha loved Nicolo's way of cooking and its taste, which was the prime reason for Nicolo's liking on Sasha. Nicole took injured Falco and Gabi to Mr. Braus to avenge Sasha's death. But Sasha's father commences about the hunting between Marleyan's and Eldian's is a wrong thing which is going on.

Scouts were already in the restaurant for investigation, where Mikasa and Armin associated Gabi from Nicolo and went to a room where Eren suddenly appears in front of them with hands full of blood. The wine bottles in the restaurant are full of spinal fluid according to Nicolo, which were served to MP's. Still, it was not revealed if Zeke was planning everything by himself. 

The Yeagerists popped up in the restaurant out of nowhere with guns and expecting that the scouts know the location of Zeke. Whereas, Yelena is trying to hand over the whole power of the island into the hands of Eren. The Yeagerists already know about the wine bottles full of spinal fluid, which indicates that Zeke and Yelena are playing with Eldians and Scouts. 

Eren states that he wants to talk something to Mikasa and Armin. Eren is trying to take over the island according to him even if it takes whatever because Eren and every Yeagerist know that Pyxis is trying to nab founding titan from Eren Yeager.