Horimiya is Entailing Side Characters Into The Play

Review of Horimiya [Episode 8].

Warning : The post contains spoilers from 'Horimiya' which is streaming on funimation.

Hori and Miyamura's journey of relationship, in a sense is concluded for now. In the recent episode of Horimiya [Episode 8], Ayasaki and Sengoku are overstated or are brought into focus. Meanwhile Yoshikawa was confessed by a newly introduced character Yanagi Akane.

Ayasaki and Sengoku, the members of Student Council were introduced earlier in the anime, but they were not showcased into the play. It is shown that Ayasaki is already in love with Sengoku because of his bearing as Sengoku is actually weak in reality.  Ayasaki sees Sengoku in a very distinctive manner moreover Sengoku is also in love with Ayasaki. Sengoku's enchanting style led Ayasaki to ask him a question about a book where the connection between both starts to grow more and more. Ayasaki borrowed a pile of books even though she don't want to read them. Sengoku's bookworm behavior led Ayasaki to get to his home where Sengoku confessed Ayasaki between shelf filled with books.

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Yoshikawa has always been alone from the start of the anime. She is in the same class with Hori and also a good friend of Hori but whenever she looks at others, she feels like she is being avoided or eschewed by others. But from out of nowhere, a hot guy from 3rd year confessed to her that is Akane Yagani. But she decides to reject the request made to her because Yagani was too good for her.