Megalo Box: Next Generation Sports Anime That Everyone Needs

Megalo Box is a boxing sport anime adapted from the manga "Megalo Box: Shukumei no Souken". The manga was published for celebrating 50th anniversary of Ashita no Joe manga with a completely different story.
Below is the review of Megalo Box (2018) with NO SPOILERS.

MegaloBox is the real deal of Sports Anime

Sports anime has been already a main stream genre in anime community, whether it has its own rules or not. The first player to fall for 10 seconds in the ring loses. Boxing matches where there are 3 minutes per round and, has no limit of rounds. This is the prime rule of Megalo Box, with gear on the back of the both player to look the matches even more superpowered. Even though Megalo Box is a sports anime, it has some advanced or upgraded fights which makes it special.

A boxer named Junk Dog is tired of throwing matches in a underground Megalo Boxing ring. Junk Dog has to share the money with his boss, Gansaku Nanbu for throwing the match. One day, he come to know that there will be a tournament for MegaloBox Champion, called Megalonia by Shirato corporation.

The champion of Megalonia, Yuuri, is too a part of Shirato company with the gear on his arms and shoulders specially made by the company itself. Junk Dog somehow gets to enter the tournament under the name of 'Joe' and all everything starts to change from that moment.

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A single punch can decide the fate of the match

The intense fights between two players becomes more and more spectacular. "Practice makes man perfect" is put into Joe (Main Character)  who trained himself to never fall for 10 seconds. Every second of every episode can change the perspective of looking Megalo Box.

Joe carved himself with the help of his boss in such a way, that to climb the rankings in the tournament, he also has to use his legs and brain but not only fists. A new character will always be there as a challenger, despite the fact that the top spot for Megalonia tournament is way too high with Joe in the bottom. Megalo Box pictures itself as a anime mixed with Hip-Hop music and on other side, people placing bet on the matches. The lofty value of Megalo Box is increased due to its modernistic conduct.

Megalo Box Second Season is announced for April 1, 2021 as MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD.