Burning Kabaddi: The Excitement Is Just Getting Started

Review of Burning Kabaddi [Episode 1]. Burning Kabaddi is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

A sports anime where Yoigoshi Tatsuya [main character] himself is not interested in sports even though he was a soccer player before. But the tables were turned after Yoigoshi Tatsuya enrolled in high school. His persona becomes from extrovert to introvert where he decides to drop every sport, including soccer. Doing livestream on the internet is the thrust he wants to try. Deprived of the opportunities, he somehow gets invited to play Kabaddi, even though he didn't want to.

Yoigoshi has already got fame through soccer which he had cut it out from his daily life. Kabaddi is the game which is only played by the body parts rather than any equipment. Burning Kabaddi has explained the game with the help of tag, which makes it evidently uniform to perceive. Raiding opponent's team court in a single breath is the job of raider and to get a struggle or tag by touching opponent will give the raider - team point. Meanwhile, at the same time defenders should capture and keep the raider in the same side of court where they are standing. The burning essence used in the anime is dashing virtuous for its first episode.

Yoigoshi has a dream of increasing its online community members by livestreaming, this dream can be completed by Kei Iura, the Vice Captain of the Kabaddi team in a few segment of days but the condition is that Yoigoshi must join the Kabaddi team. Despite the fact, the Vice Captain of the team, Kei Iura decides to conclude this by one-on-one match with Yoigoshi who will play against a player of the Kabaddi team. And if he loses, he will join the team, but if he wins he will get a chance of growing his online community.

Yoigoshi accepts both the condition of losing and winning. The drama part is always a benefit for sports anime where Burning Kabaddi has used the whole intense or drama part in the practice matches itself so that one can expect, where this anime will lead after the official matches.

Yoigoshi's main determining factor of the context is to win the match and gain fan following for his community. But the teammate who is against him is already been playing Kabaddi since one month. So, Yoigoshi was ought to lose the match. A few centimeters can be the reason of losing a match in Kabaddi. 

The Vice Captain, Kei Iura calls the Captain of the team who is hospitalized for some reason to tell that a player has been added into the Kabaddi team and they are good to go now. The ending theme (song) depicts many characters who are yet to be introduced including the Captain of the team. This is the first anime which is based on Kabaddi so it will be a little difficult for Burning Kabaddi to top notch itself.