Koikimo: A Rom-Com Anime With Pleasing Protagonist

Review of Koikimo [Episode 1] which is streaming on crunchyroll. Koikimo anime is a Rom-Com Genre anime written and illustrated by Mogusu.

What is Koikimo about?

Hurting someone or regretting after saying something to a person, is the outcome concluded by a high school girl, Ichika. In Koikimo, the case is opposite regarding 'Action speaks louder than words' thought. Ichika states she regrets that she said something to Ryo (the male protagonist) rather than what she did to him.

Ryo is shown as a salaryman in a company who lives with her sister, where one day, he didn't sleep well and is tired due to which he even skipped his breakfast, meanwhile while going to his work, on a train station he gets accidentally pushed by a man which results him from falling a staircase but gets saved by Ichika. As Ryo skipped his breakfast, Ichika gives her lunch to Ryo as she was going to be late for her school. But later after getting home, Ryo finds Ichika at his place because she is a friend of his sister, Rio.

In first few minutes of the first episode, one can say that Ryo is a loner or a silenced muted person, but in actual reality he is a chatty individual. Ryo asks Ichika what gift she wants for saving him. He asks her frankly and it looks like he took her as granted and sees her as a tomboy and also ask if she wants a kiss as a gift from him. As she is still a high school girl, she finds Ryo as a creepy person and also she didn't save him for his gift. Ryo gets moved by her answer from the core of his heart and already announces that he is obsessed to her.

He is not ashamed of asking her such questions even if she is a friend of his sister. Ryo is already shown as a womanizer so it is natural to ask him such questions. The character design is pretty simple and calm for a romance anime. The anime breaks into parts when it starts showing the affection between Ryo and Ichika.

When roses and packages start arriving at Ichika's house, Ichika finds it as a bothering in her daily life. But her mother finds it very regarding. Ryo follows Ichika to a grocery shop even to show his purity of affection towards her. The depiction pattern according to the story is pretty decent which goes with a upright flow.

Confession under a minute and and gifts containing flowers and roses is too much of a pressure for Ichika. She tries to insult Ryo in a joking manner or conduct, but she never pulls him down when someone tries to insult him. Even though Ichika is never shown as she is interested in Ryo, but she has a place deep inside her heart for him.