Koikimo: Ryo's Attachment For Ichika Is Eventually Accomplished

Review of Koikimo [Episode 2].

Ryo's confession for Ichika was unfamiliar conduct carried out by him. Watching Ichika in apron is like dream come true for Ryo fantasizing her as a newlywed housewife. Just some preparation of culture festival which they were not able to do in their school. According to Rio, their sibling relationship was not too good during grade school. But, Rio is now customary with her talkative brother after the encounter between Ryo and Ichika.

The changes in Ryo after meeting Ichika was accepted by Rio. Moreover, Ryo just can't get enough with Ichika but he never stops to impress her even if it is a latte art. The inessential verdict figured out by Rio is her brother should not hurt Ichika feelings by making her sad or she will not support him, as if Ryo was going to do that.

It seems that Masuda can actually look into the head of Ryo by asking him about having a crush on college student. Masuda discovers the story of Ryo and Ichika a bit clumsy calling Ryo a masochist. Although, Ryo too think about himself being a Masochist because till now he was not into friendzone. Ichika's reflection on Ryo is the cause of questioning him about friendzone, but he even don't have the answer.

Culture festival is the actual plug for Masuda to make acquaintance with Ichika but instead, he was forced to participate in a food contest. Ryo has become more sensitive about Ichika as he yelled Masuda for staring at her [actually he was not staring]. In addition, Ichika too has become sensitive about Ryo and tells him to keep distance between them.

The nearness distance between them is increasing in the school itself, which can't be tolerated by Ichika, because if any one of her friend sees her with him, which will result in putting pressure on Ichika. But looks like someone was already listening to them from behind the wall. Ichika thinking about Ryo's cologne indicates that she herself is getting passionate about him.

Koikimo can genuinely depict the love story between Ryo and Ichika. To know Ichika better is the most desired thing Ryo has to do.
Masuda has always been a good pal of Ryo and he never thought of Ryo getting into relationship. The development of Masuda can be a crucial point if they really characterized him in Koikimo. Just the way Ryo was saved by Ichika, similarly Ryo got a chance to save her. Ichika has also started feeling affinity towards Ryo as they are in contact for many days.