MARS RED: Vampirism Viewpoint Contains Significant Dark Logic

[Spoiler Free] Review of MARS RED based on Episode 1.

Vampires are a common thing in the realm of MARS RED anime which makes it fascinating as it is set during 1920's. Bloodsucking outfit of MARS RED takes place during 1923 which defines as historical fiction anime and is the real competitor for Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood throughout Spring 2021.

The exceptional animation with precise character design will keep viewers hyped till the end of the episode. The stunning and stylish visuals of MARS RED environment looks like the episode is full of intensity. From first episode, it seems like the story is started from mid half but we will come to know the actual story in upcoming episodes.

Getting a symbol called 'Stigmata' on tongue specifies that the person is infected and will convert into Vampire. The vampire fiction story mixed with military officers is the real deal MARS RED offer. In addition, MARS RED also offers a lot of psychological drama where it has raised its worth. The theme song is made by 'Hyde' named 'On My Own' that includes a boy reaching towards a light which looks like he is trying to achieve something.

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MARS RED is made by Studios Signal.MD which has just started making more quality anime and has also scheduled Platinum End for Fall 2021. MARS RED is available and currently streaming on Funimation.