MEGALOBOX 2 NOMAD: Gearless Joe Can't Escape From His Nostalgic Elegance

Review of MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD [Episode 1].

Warning : The post contains spoilers from MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD which is currently streaming on Funimation.

Gearless Joe was crowned as Champion of Megalo Boxing by defeating Yuri after whooping a whole 13 matches. Although now, he still plays underground matches and his punches are ruthless as they were before, the only thing that has changed is the name, from Joe to Nomad and a new look with full forky beard over his face.

Joe have always hated throwing matches for money, and he still hates it, instead he would stop playing rather than throwing matches. After defeating Yuri in first season of Megalo Box, Joe played a exhibition match against a boxer named Liu, which outcomes by Joe losing the match. The disappearance of Joe after losing was granted and proclaimed as his retirement in front of the public. It's been 5 years since Joe won his final match against Yuri, it is still not revealed where actually are Nanbu and Sachio being held.

Joe has become a wandering boxer which has not a single worthwhile objective in his life which results him in consuming painkillers or meds. Getting delusions of Nanbu can be the side effects of those meds, but he still has to take it because of the matches he play. While wandering he entered into a bar for a drink where a man with a flamenco guitar was singing a song. By listening to it Joe was weeped by small tears, realizing he was moved by the song which filled the lacking devoid in his life.

The profusion created by Gearless Joe [actually Nomad] in underground matches was far better than any boxer to play against him. He gets a chance to match with a professional boxer as opponent for him but this time, the match was fixed from the beginning as people bet on the boxers. The opponent is the same man with flamenco guitar in the bar under the ring name called Chief. During the match, due to his personality, people took Chief seriously which made them to bet on him.

Even if the thinking and timing would not be percise for Joe, but his hands and legs will never stop fighting. Hallucinations of Nanbu is the bulk with which Joe can't get enough and move forward. Of course, Nanbu was a important aspect in his boxing career. Joe is recognized as a pro boxer in underground world of Megalo Boxing with his overwhelming record of wins and ranking, knowing that, no one dares to match against him.

Chief too engaged with official matches in the ring which was a reason for him to play against Nomad. Chief's personality stimulated audience to place bet on him. But the match was already fix and Chief was ought to lose so the audience would lose the money of the bet. After the match, Nomad took the match fixing awfully and was distressed by Chief about how he fixed the match even though he was a professional boxer. Moving forward is the only way for Joe to escape from his distress.