Moriarty the Patriot Part 2: Sherlock Has A New Companion To Live Along With

Review of Moriarty the Patriot Part 2 [Episode 1].

Warning : The post contains spoilers from Moriarty the Patriot Part 2 which is currently streaming on Funimation.

The first season ended with a collide between William Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes, the two masterminds. The cliffhangers of first season gave a idea about what the next season will be about. William's plan to end the evil minded aristocrats is still ongoing. As habitually, Sherlock has mastered his skills of monitoring a person carefully from tip of the hair to the toe, he immediately reckons John about losing 7.5 pounds. After such consequences from Sherlock, John must have questioned himself how did he manage to extract the number of decreased weight?

Looks like he got the answer from Sherlock's elder brother, Mycroft Holmes, who just came to their place to meet Sherlock. But the actual reason of Mycroft reuniting with Sherlock was to warn him to be cautious about women. "Seeing through the lies of woman is even harder than tracing the threads of a crime." are the words said by Mycroft to Sherlock. Mycroft already mentions about having a different life from his brother.

Sherlock finds Mycroft as a pain to his head and says that he just can't handle him. Mycroft warning Sherlock about women seems to be some female character will be introduced in the upcoming episodes. Eventually, the companion who Sherlock has to live with is a female character. But before, that woman is somehow connected with all three of them i.e. William, Sherlock and Mycroft.

Sherlock receives a letter with no name and address written on it with the information about how a masked man will meet him to talk something about business detailing. The man who sent the letter himself arrives at the door of Sherlock, for giving a mission to him. But later it is revealed that the masked man is actually Irene Adler, born American, who is the same woman who mates with Sherlock and start living with him as a protection which will outcome less suspect towards her as Sherlock is considered as the best Detective of London.

Sherlock gets deceived by Irene Adler and she starts extorting Sherlock. Having no choice, Sherlock accept the condition of Irene of being a companion. John questions Sherlock that if his brother works for the government service, Sherlock answered to John that, Mycroft himself is government. Albert Moriarty who works under Mycroft is as establishing as it should be.

After researching some stuff about Albert, Mycroft gives him a task to escort some papers which are stolen by the woman named Irene Adler. The episode is distributed in acts called as 'A Scandal in the British Empire'. In addition, William Moriarty is ready with his plan as how oftenly he does that.