ODDTAXI Address Itself To The Urbanity Context

Review of ODDTAXI [Episode 1].

A lonely taxi driver who has nothing to do with the whole society around him, but wants to give a ride to people [not people, it's animals] and is living his ordinary regular life. ODDTAXI anime sort around urban courtesy apart from its dark civil society. It begins it's main plot instantly which gives a hint to viewers about ODD TAXI. ODDTAXI is pretty well-rounded by its society ideology and ventured characters, even if this anime tried to show it's sweet side by showing a walrus driving a taxi, it's plot story will be always there to change it.

Odakawa, the taxi driver, who will always have five possible answers if anyone asked him a question. The thinking style of Odakawa is way better for a normal taxi driver. Even if he don't know what's going on around him, his eyes are always set upon the most suspected one around him. Today's society with a big gap in generation is not a thing to talk about, according to Odakawa. This simple quiet looking anime is actually very loud from inside.

A missing girl who has gained quite a popularity in ODDTAXI anime through radios, TV's and internet is related to Odakawa in some sense. Odakawa, taking consultancy from a Doctor [Gorilla actually] in his clinic, whereas the Doctor having his chain of well-identity among other characters can be somehow related to main protagonist, Odakawa. Going viral on internet and getting fame is what matters in today's community.

Hatred and vengeance filled in the society is overlooked by Odakawa. However, the missing girl is being held at Odakawa's house because she wants to. She entered Odakawa's taxi before she went missing. Odakawa thinks no one knows about it but there are some characters who have a idea of the missing girl is related to Odakawa. But he also must be knowing how to act accordingly. One can feel the essence of Drama and Mystery thrill while watching ODDTAXI.

ODDTAXI  is very central to its focused genre of criminals and getting popular, on the other hand Odakawa is not even interested to know more about getting viral. Actually, his selfie with a passenger gets somehow viral which also includes a misplaced criminal character in the selfie. The limited understanding of innate ODDTAXI is to get things into the path until the second episode. The society living on the edge of hazardous criminals is the real thing which ODDTAXI offers to viewers.