Those Snow White Notes: A New Way of Depicting Classical Music

Review of Those Snow White Notes [Episode 1].

When it comes to music anime, the intimate part should be classified which will give a compassionate about the theme of that certain music anime. Those Snow White Notes anime also known as Mashiro No Oto is adapted from its manga written and illustrated by Marimo Ragawa. Matsugorou Sawamura follows his talent of playing Shamisen to his Grandson, Setsu Sawamura. After the death of Matsugorou Sawamura, Setsu resolute that he has lost the touch of the ability to play Shamisen.

Setsu finds himself in Tokyo to gain a love of a new sound. He gets bumped into a girl named Yuna who helps him to stay with her for a while. Setsu has always been a fanboy of his Grandfather and he is the only one who is best fit for the role to inherit the Shamisen instrument playing between him and his brother. It has almost been a week when Setsu last played the Shamisen. He was expecting himself to be beautified by Tokyo with a good sound that he was finding but Setsu finds Tokyo to be more disgraceful and noisy which results him to roll his sleeves up and play Shamisen again after a whole week.

Setsu revealed himself to be empty from inside and sad as he departed from countryside to Tokyo because there was nothing left behind after the death of his grandpa. Yuna, the girl with whom Setsu bumped in, works in an agency. She funds a music band which includes her boyfriend, Taketo, by working a part-time job at night.

Setsu is against this funding, which outcomes Taketo having a grudge on Setsu. Despite the fact, Setsu gets a chance from Yuna to play Shamisen at Taketo's gig due to some hand fights between Taketo and Setsu. When Setsu's grandpa was on the edge of death, he always thought about how disgraceful he played Shamisen, taking that in mind he orderly said that after he dies, Setsu should stop playing Shamisen, so he would not suffer the same disgrace that he faced.

Those Snow White Notes is perfect for the people who like to have a breeze of air on their face. Likewise, Setsu's Grandfather, Matsugorou explains Shamisen in the form of Seasons. When the Summer season arrives, the land surface full of snow will melt down as the striking of Shamisen instrument slow down and the Spring Season in between Winter and Summer keeps the music tune going without dropping the music.

Setsu's Grandpa once said to Setsu that he can listen to 'Jongara Bushi' [a music tune made from Shamisen instrument] his whole life until he dies. When the Shamisen starts playing, Setsu closes his eyes so that he can feel the affection between him and the instrument, as if the instrument is his body part. Those Snow White Notes anime is available to stream on Crunchyroll.