6 Anime To Watch If You Like Megalo Box

Loaded up with overpowering fervor and backed by the criminal organization liable for his tossed matches, Junk Dog enters Megalonia: a world-crossing competition that will choose the most grounded Megalo Boxer of all. Having no name of his own, he chooses "Joe" as he starts to climb from the actual lower part of the positioned rundown of boxers.

With just three months left to qualify, Joe should go head to head against varieties of players of which he has never battled to address the difficulty of his opponent.

Rainbow (2010)

The story follows around seven cellmates who are suffered daily in the form of sadism. The suffering is made by a doctor and a guard who has a grudge on the main protagonist. All seven of them should bring their strength together to survive until their sentences are up from the cell.

With the guidance from the main protagonist which is one of the seven cellmates, other six start to see a ray of hope of getting out after serving the sentences. But what kind of life is waiting for them on the other side is the question they should consider.

BAKI (2018)

To outperform Yujiro Hanma, the most grounded fighter in the world. His son who is the main protagonist named Baki Hanma, trains with concentration sufficiently. Five of the world's generally vicious and severe death row detainees are going to face against Baki.

These five inmates are eager to taste defeat due to their strength which lead to their boring life. In this condition, Baki gets some fighters from underground by his side.

Kengan Ashura (2019)

Since the Edo times of Japan, fighter fields exist in specific zones. In these fields, rich entrepreneurs and vendors employ combatants to battle in unarmed battle where the champ brings home all the glory. Toki Taouma, nicknamed "Ashura", joins these fields and obliterates his adversaries.

His terrific capacity to pulverize his adversaries grabs the eye of the enormous entrepreneurs, including the Nogi Group administrator, Nogi Hideki.

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Levius (2019)

It's the nineteenth century, and the world has entered the Era of Rebirth, recuperating from the staggering flares of war. As society ascends from the remains of war, cybernetically expanded field warriors fight for popularity and fortune or on the other hand bite the dust attempting.

The game of mechanical hand to hand fighting has stirred the countries. Cybernetically increased warriors transform their blood into steam and their bodies into fierce battling—and executing—machines. Levius is one of those field battlers, never going to budge but desire to win just for his endurance.

Ashita no Joe (1970)

At some point, while meandering the ghettos of Doya, Joe gets into a battle with the nearby group. Although incredibly outnumbered, he easily crushes them, drawing the consideration of Danpei Tange, a previous boxing trainer turned drunkard. Seeing his latent capacity, he offers to prepare Joe into Japan's most prominent fighter. 

From the start, Joe excuses Danpei as a miserable alcoholic; yet after the coach saves his life, he consents to live with him and become familiar with the specialty of boxing. To endure the unforgiving universe of his new vocation, Joe needs to confide in his coach and expert the procedures instructed to him to become pro boxer.

Hajime no Ippo: THE FIGHTING! (2000)

Makunouchi Ippo is a conventional secondary school doing understudy in Japan. Since he invests the majority of his energy away from school assisting his mother maintain the privately owned business, he didn't got to make the most of his young years like most youngsters. Continuously an objective for harassing at school Ippo's life is one of difficulty.

One of these after school harassing meetings turns Ippo's life around to improve things, as he is saved by a fighter named Takamura. He chooses to emulate Takamura's example and train to turn into a fighter, providing his life guidance and reason.