5 Of The Powerful Sibling Trios In Anime

Sibling relationship in anime has always been a remarkable support or trouble for the characters. Especially in Shonen genre anime, the siblings are a common thing to be present for the boost of the story.

Below is the list of sibling trios who are judged by their power where a particular trio can be below or above from any other particular trio. By any means, the relation between these siblings can be harsh or caring for each other or they can be entertainers for the viewers.

Vermillion Siblings (Black Clover)

The Trio consists of Mereoleona, Fuegoleon and Leopold. The Vemillion Estate of Clover Castle is where the family lives as royals. All three of them are Fire Magic Users. Mereoleona, the first daughter of House Vermillion from Clover Kingdom. She is a noblewoman from a Royal Family and also the captain of the Crimson Lion squad and the Royal Knights squad. Whereas, Fuegoleon is the first son of House Vermillion and former captain of the Crimson Lion squad of the Magic Knights.

Leopold is the second son of Clover Kingdom's House Vermillion and a member of the Crimson Lion squad of the Magic Knights. There is a ritual of marking forehead in the family for becoming the king in the advance of personal oath. Both Fuegoleon and Leopold have marked their foreheads and taken this oath.

Three Sand Siblings (Naruto)

The Trio consists of Temari, Kankuro and Gaara. Trained hard by their village, these three are known as elite shinobi/ninja and are experienced in long-range combat. Temari is a bit of open minded and overwhelming on those who are not perfect for her. She is also intimidated by her younger brother Gaara.

Kankuro is initially characterized by his apparent dislike for children, as seen when he is noticeably irritated while in the presence of someone younger than him. Though, this seems to have gone away as time passed by. From the first look, Gaara was shown as merciless and violent individual. Due to his hard childhood, and lack of love, Gaara grew up hating everybody around him, loving only himself.

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Strauss Siblings (Fairy Tail)

The Trio consists of Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna. These Trio is also known as 'Take Over' Siblings as they can take over appearance and abilities of the beings which they know very well. Mirajane has the ability of controlling Demons and manipulating them to act according to her. She is also capable of taking over Demons when they are on the edge of death.

Elfman's ability of taking over is called as Beast Soul as he can seal the monster's body part to which he touched into his right arm. Lisanna's taking over ability is used in transforming her body into animal or hybrid-animal forms.

Kurosaki Siblings (Bleach)

The Trio consists of Yuzu, Karin and Ichigo. Ichigo is older brother of Yuzu and Karin. Yuzu is capable of seeing spirits but in a way of blurry form. Because of which she is envious about her siblings as both of her siblings can see the spirits clearly.

On the other hand, Karin can clearly see the spirits including Hollows and Shinigami. Ichigo is the actual central figure in all three of them. He has been trained in martial arts since his childhood. His agility and strength in combat give him a forward push even if it is his human body.

Monkey D. Luffy's Siblings (One Piece)

The Trio consists of Luffy, Sabo and Portgas D. Ace. Luffy's both siblings are not related by blood to him but they are sworn brothers. Luffy has generous amount of speed and action reflexes. For powerful opponents, he has utilized the Devil Fruit Gears which increases his physical strength.

Sabo was clever and skilled at using his trademark pipe during fights in his childhood. After training, he achived a lot of power to become the second-in-command. After consuming Logia Fruit, Portgas D. Ace can control, create or become fire. He can release fire for large scale distance and also small fire accurately.