12 Best Anime Villains According To Their Design

Everytime a villain appears on the screen, not only the essence but the other ends should also be present in the villain. If Shonen genre is considered, then there are varieties of villains those are unique in their style or design. Those designs can help that particular anime in getting a good impression.

Below is the list which includes 12 anime villains those are perfect because of their style and looks, which leads to the obsession of fans towards them.

#12 - Kai Chisaki [My Hero Academia]

Kai Chisaki, who is a Yakuza Captain of Shie Hassaikai and also called as villain name Overhaul. He 
wears a black dress shirt coordinating with suitable jeans on that dress and a pale dim tie around his neck and a belt with a long, flimsy clasp around his midsection, with three beaded piercings in his left ear.

He wears a dull green plane coat, its collar fixed with thick purple hide, and white trim up tennis shoes, their bottoms tan-shaded, without any socks on his feet. Kai is a sociopath who wants to return the world to the way it was before the quirk phenomenon.

#11 - Esdeath [Akame Ga Kill]

Esdeath wears a apparel with buttons on upper sleeve and high heeled boots. The tattoo on her chest represents her Teigu. She is also quite tall, and a slender woman with blue eyes and long hairs who has a beautiful face.

Her porcelain colour skin was due to the cold climate of her village. After feeling supportive from her father's philosophy, she has gone through torturous activities which puts enemies into overwhelming pain by the means of physically and mentally.

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#10 - Naraku [InuYasha]

Naraku's outfit alter according to his power, it changes into purple and light blue with boned armor which has three green limb arms similar to tail returning from his back sporting a few huge loop bones prompting a red-eye on his chest and two gauntlets with eyes at the wrist and strike of his arms.

Naraku is depicted very sadistic and cruel who is more interested in getting delight by destroying others such as when he deceived Inuyasha and Kikyo which caused fight between them convincing that they betrayed each other. His sole purpose is to give pain and misery to humans and especially Inuyasha.

#9 - Zagred [Black Clover]

Zagred has bat-like wings and is a tall humanoid with dark horns, ripped at hands, and a long, bolt tipped tail. His fair skin is for the most part covered by a dark covering and dark lines and wrinkles. Zagred can open extra mouths everywhere on his body, remembering for his heart. His teeth are pointed and dark, and his irises are red.

Without a body, Zagred shows up as a dim shaded haze of gas with eyes and a mouth. Zagred is cruel individual who looks down on both humans and elves and like to despair others. He finds pleasure in a sadistic way.

#8 - Shishio Makoto [Rurouni Kenshin]

Shishio Makoto is probably the deadliest fighter that has lived at extreme point. Shishio has red eyes. Before his endeavored execution, Shishio was having dark eyebrows and dark slicked-back hair finishing in a high braid, and a reasonable composition. In the wake of getting burned, Shishio's skin is earthy colored and cracked, now and then seeming red.

He wears bandages around his whole body to facilitate the agony and conceal his distortion. The remaining parts of his hair standing off of his mind wraps in tufts. Over his bandages, he wears a robe, which fluctuates from indigo to purple contingent upon the lighting. Before and after his immolating, Shishio would in general wear his kimono with the right half of his chest and right arm uncovered.

#7 - Sakuna [Jujutsu Kaisen]

His previous appearance is portrayed as an evil presence with four arms and two faces. Presently, he seems like the vessel he is in, yet with spiked hair and with remarkable markings on his temple, nose, cheeks, and middle. He additionally has a second pair of eyes under his typical eyes, which are normally shut.

Sukuna additionally has two lines on the two his wrists, upper arms, circles on the two his shoulders with a speck in every, two-fragmented bend lines on his chest, and two lines on his stomach while having Yuji. Because of his overwhelming power, he thinks about his actions even if it affects his vessel, Itadori Yuji.

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#6 - Dio Brando [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]

Dio is shown as a manipulative and violently dominating who wants to control over others without thinking about them. He wears a coat with a tight tank-top under, just as chaps with an uncovered groin. His face is presently in full-see, and on his head is a heart-formed circlet to coordinate with his knee watches. This is his structure during the start of the DIO's World story bend.

He likewise wears an necklace covering his neck scar and heart themes over his feet and on his trouser legs. But he immediately quit brandishing them after his first flight of stairs showdown with Polnareff. In many portrayals of him, DIO's outfit is colored orange or yellow.

#5 - Donquixote Doflamingo [One Piece]

Doflamingo is a tall mascular man with tanned skin and light blond haired. In reference related to flamingo, his clothes are bright coloured with light pink coloured feather coat and thin white sunglasses. Sometimes he walk with bow-leg waddled which is also a reference to animal theme. Doflamingo wears a white shirt and orange or red pant with white strips on it and a green belt.

Doflamingo is a carefree and arrogant type person full of pride who fears very few people. The Style of Doflamingo changed accordingly with the relevance of manga and anime both. He does dislike when people start spitting rumors as facts.

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#4 - Cell [Dragon Ball Z]

Cell contains several appearances which is based on the form he is in. Cell turns out to be completely humanoid in his Perfect form acquired from retaining Android 18, complete with a typical nose and mouth. His wings comes back, however he holds the shoe-like feet and up pointing horns from Semi-Perfect form.

His tail has been totally withdrawn, just the stinger remaining. This structure is fairly more limited and lighter than the past one, being 7 feet in stature. Purple stripes currently run down each side of his face, like those of Frieza in his initial three forms.

#3 - Pain [Naruto]

Pain is adapted to the alias by Nagato along with Konan. Nagato had pale white skin with straight red hair, an indication of his Uzumaki legacy. At the point when he was extremely youthful, his eyes were covered by his hair, keeping his Rinnegan from being apparent. At the point when he began preparing to be a ninja he separated his hair so just his right eye was covered.

 He similarly didn't actually wear any of the common Akatsuki clothing, having his Paths wear it all things considered. Consequently he burned through the greater part of his grown-up life in a mechanical walker from which he controlled the Six Paths of Pain.

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#2 - Hisoka [Hunter X Hunter]

Hisoka appearance is like that of an entertainer or jokester. He is tall and has fair complexion and an extremely strong body. His clothing is normally enhanced with different suit images on the front and back middle, and he changes outfits in every story bend. During the Greed Island circular segment, Hisoka wears the Greed Island Ring to his left side center finger.

He wears face paint of a star on his right cheek and a tear to his left side cheek, and like his clothing, in the 2011 anime is that the face paint additionally sporadically changes tones. Also, in the thirteenth Hunter Chairman Election arc, Hisoka wears a couple of hoops with decorative hearts.

#1 - Aizen [Bleach]

At the point when he was an individual of the Gotei 13, Aizen showed up as a gentle included man with brown academic hair upgraded by square glasses, alongside delicate earthy colored eyes. He wore the standard Shinigami uniform with a commander's haori. During his rising to Hueco Mundo, he eliminated his glasses and cleared his hand through his hair, uncovering threatening eyes.

In Hueco Mundo, Aizen at first wears Arrancar style-garments over his shihakushō. After Orihime Inoue is taken to Las Noches, Aizen wears full apparel comparable in style to the Arrancar, complete with a pink scarf around the waist.