7 Best Romance Anime With Satisfying and Good Ending

What’s romance without the right ending? It can be quite frustrating to get really hooked on an anime series or movie and then have the ending disappoint you, especially if it was one that was focused on romance. To avoid any compunction in the future, check out this list of 7 great romance anime with satisfying and good endings!

This way, you won’t ever have to wonder whether or not you should continue watching a particular series just because it has an interesting premise. With so many romance anime and manga that you can choose from, it can be difficult to separate the good ones from the bad ones. But if you want something more fulfilling, then there are definitely some great romance anime with good endings out there that are worth watching.

Toradora! (2008)

Ryuuji Takasu is a rough looking boy, who has always been teased about his appearance and is often misunderstood for being a delinquent. In contrast to his tough appearance, he cares about people deeply and does what he can to keep himself busy with housework or cleaning. Taiga Aisaka on the other hand is a woman with a sweet side - though her looks are quite deceiving at first glance, she carries an impressive sword around wherever she goes.

She also has feelings towards someone that Ryuuji knows as well... who just so happens to be Ryuuji's best friend! This unlikely pair make up the couple in Toradora!, where they'll go through many adventures while trying to set each other up with their respective loved ones, all while growing closer to themselves along the way.

Golden Time (2013)

Because of an awful mishap, Banri Tada is hit with amnesia, dissolving the recollections of his old neighborhood and past. Notwithstanding, in the wake of getting to know Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he chooses to continue on and start another life at graduate school in Tokyo. However similarly, as he is changing in accordance with his school life, the wonderful Kouko Kaga emphatically bursts into Banri's life, and their opportunity meeting marks the start of an extraordinary year.

In the wake of having a brief look at school life, Banri discovers that he is in another spot and another world-a spot where he can be reawakened, have new companions, become hopelessly enamored, and commits errors and develop. Furthermore, as he finds what his identity was, the way he has picked leads him toward a blindingly splendid life that he won't ever need to neglect.

Tamako -love story- (2014)

As they edge closer to an inevitable end, Tamako and Mochizou are confronted with how different their lives are going to be once they graduate. As a result of this realization, Tamako doesn't know what she wants to do now that college is right around the corner - but then again, she never really cared about it in the first place. All while this happens, they always try putting each other before themselves which creates new challenges where both parties need to compromise.

What he didn't know was why he couldn't say anything or why he couldn't do anything except stay quiet and watch her go further away from him. He knew he should tell her now; if not for his sake then for hers, because she deserved someone who would treasure her enough to stay with her even when everything else fell apart around them.

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Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You (2009)

Kuronuma Sawako has trouble making friends, as it is mistakenly assumed that she is mean or scary and resemblance to the Sadako girl from 'The Ring'. With this in mind, Kuronuma Sawako strives harder than ever before at being kinder and friendlier. After all, she would love nothing more than for people to understand that she is not actually evil- it was just an unfortunate coincidence of fate.

Envious of those who had friends and could lead a carefree life; she became infatuated with the most popular boy in class - Kazehaya Shouta. After spending time with him, they grow close, which soon turns into affectionate feelings that bloom within them both.

Eureka Seven (2005)

Renton Thurston is a 14-year-old kid who lived with his technician granddad in a backwater town. Consistently he longed for being with the hired fighter "Light Finding Operation (LFO)" airplane pilot bunch "Gekkostate" and riding "Trapar" molecule waves - a game called "reffing"- with their magnetic chief Holland, particularly when confronted with his dad's acclaimed past or his granddad's craving to safeguard him.

Whenever a youngster named Eureka riding the first LFO, the "Nirvash typeZERO", asks his granddad for a check up, she unintentionally carries the consideration of the military to the carport; accordingly, the carport is annihilated and Renton is compelled to convey another kind of point of interaction - the "Amita Drive"- to the Nirvash. After a warmed battle wherein the Nirvash annihilates the military LFOs by releasing a monstrous measure of force, Renton is welcomed into Gekkostate. Nonetheless, he rapidly understands that behind the exterior of a voyaging gathering of hired fighters is an exceptionally severe reality.

Your Name (2016)

Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl, yearns to live the life of a boy in the bustling city of Tokyo—a dream that stands in stark contrast to her present life in the countryside. Meanwhile, in the city, Taki Tachibana lives a busy life as a high school student while juggling his part-time job and hopes for a future in architecture.

One day, Mitsuha awakens in a room that is not her own and suddenly finds herself living the dream life in Tokyo—but in Taki's body! Elsewhere, Taki finds himself living Mitsuha's life in the humble countryside. In pursuit of an answer to this strange phenomenon, they begin to search for one another. Your Name revolves around Mitsuha and Taki's actions, which begin to have a dramatic impact on each other's lives, weaving them into a fabric held together by fate and circumstance.

Clannad (2007)

Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent who observes life as dull and accepts he won't ever add up to anything. Alongside his companion Youhei Sunohara, he plays hooky and plans to squander his secondary school days away. One day while strolling to school, Tomoya passes a little kid murmuring unobtrusively to herself. Without advance notice, she shouts "Anpan!" (a famous Japanese food) which grabs Tomoya's eye. Before long finds the young lady's name is Nagisa Furukawa and that she shouts things she loves to rouse herself. Nagisa claims they are currently companions, yet Tomoya leaves making the experience look like nothing to him.

Notwithstanding, Tomoya observes he is seeing Nagisa increasingly around the school. At last, he yields and becomes friends with her. Tomoya learns Nagisa has been kept down a year because of a serious ailment and that her fantasy is to resuscitate the school's theatrics club. Asserting he has nothing better to do, he chooses to assist her with accomplishing this objective alongside the assistance of four different young ladies. As Tomoya invests more energy with the young ladies, he studies them and their concerns. As he endeavors to assist every young lady with conquering her separate deterrent, he starts to acknowledge life isn't quite as dull as he once suspected.