Tanjiro's Spiritual Core is Kind-Hearted Like Him

When a suspicious conductor enters the cart of the train, Hashira and his apprentices find themselves entered into their dreams within seconds. This is no coincidence, Enmu had actually implanted them with malicious intent from the outset. His goal was to keep them imprisoned in their own minds for all eternity; for him, this meant complete control over their lives because he wanted his disciples to kill them by destroying Hashira's and his apprentice's cores without anyone being able to stop him.

One of the most fundamental parts of Tanjiro's character design is his kindness. It runs through his very core, so integral to him that it can't be removed without destroying who he is as a person. Now, what does kindness mean in this context? It means that Tanjiro will make friends with anyone he meets and can tolerate them, even if they're different from him or of another species altogether, except for some demons.

Tanjiro's Spiritual Core

So, how does this kindness manifest itself in Mugen Train? Well, for starters, there's the fact that he always treats everyone equally and politely, no matter who they are or where they're from. When you first meet Tanjiro, you’ll see his intense power in the fight he faces against a demon at the time of his training. You’ll notice the intensity of his training regimen, which has made him into an absolute physical force. But if you look deeper, you’ll also see his kindness, both to others and to himself.

After getting into the spiritual core of Tanjiro, the curiosity in the boy's eyes intensified as he neared the treasured object, but much of his awe came from seeing how pure Tanjiro’s spiritual core was. His astonishment grows as the boy realizes that Tanjiro has such a clean and untainted essence, his concentration slipping for a moment when he glances at all six angels floating around inside Tanjiro's soul. These angels represent those who are no longer alive yet were very much loved by this kind being. The angel closest to him reaches out its hand in an act of assistance before remembering what it needs to do.

Zenitsu's Spiritual Core

Zenitsu has a less unusual vision than Inosuke, yet entirely it's really charming. Zenitsu's fixation on getting weird faces before he is eaten by an evil presence is notable as his greatest dread. In Mugen train, we see Zenitsu having a little date with Nezuko. Zenitsu is showing Nezuko a few delectable looking peaches, taking her on his back across a shallow waterway. He has no issue speeding up in his fantasy, not at all like, all things considered, however, he struggles with making up for the lost time.

We didn't get to see Zenitsu's spiritual core properly. One could address, does he even have one? His dim obviousness might recommend that, in actuality, he is lost and is doused in fear. Truth to be told, it is intriguing that Zenitsu is simply ready to show his swordsmanship while being oblivious. Maybe it has to do something with his fear of demons.

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Inosuke's Spiritual Core

What keeps happening inside Inosuke's brain? It's just as funny as anyone would think. Tanjiro, Zenitsu (they really look dorky), and Nezuko are all animals or close enough to be. They're pursuing the demon train deep underground. He thinks he should be leading them but calls them Underling 1 and Underling 2. We didn't get to see anything about Inosuke's Spiritual Core either which was supposed to have a much different experience when it comes to the Spiritual Core of Rengoku and Tanjiro.

Maybe because Inosuke has no significant past that Enmu can take advantage of in order to mess with him. Conscious and unconscious thoughts alike become prominent when they occupy his mind, so there's little difference between them whether or not he's awake or asleep which makes it easier for him to control himself.

Rengoku's Spiritual Core

In the case of Kyojuro, the intruder is trying to destroy his spiritual core which has fire around it and looks like an orb. But Kyojuro doesn't want the intruder to steal his spiritual core so he grabs him by the neck and holds on tight! Kyojuro Rengoku's fantasy opens with a discussion between him and his dad, the past Flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Kyojuro tells his dad he's turned into a Hashira, however, his dad says that it's trivial since, in his view, Kyojuro won't ever add up to anything. Kyojuro was thinking about how his dad used to train him and his younger brother Senjuro enthusiastically and passionately. But things were different now; maybe his dad's disappointment was because of the death of Kyojuro's mother.